False Eyelash Dos and Don’ts

Dreaming of long, full lashes that you weren’t naturally blessed with? Don’t worry so are we! False eyelashes are used by many women across the world to enhance natural lashes and give that extra oomph to any makeup or natural look. With that in mind, we at Eni Lashes, have compiled a list of eyelash dos and don’ts when wearing strip eyelashes to give you the best tips possible!

Do use mascara to blend your natural lashes into the false eyelashes

Using mascara before your eyelash application will help your natural lashes blend into the false eyelashes better. If you don’t use mascara, it may be easy to see your natural eyelashes underneath the strip lashes – especially if your natural lashes are a different colour!

At Eni Lashes, we recommend using mascara before you apply your lashes, although you can also use it afterwards. Using mascara after you have applied your strip eyelashes can help blend to the eyelashes better. However, be careful which mascara you use, as the wrong one can make the false eyelashes clump together, making them look a bit spidery. To avoid this, always have a clean spoolie brush on hand to brush through and separate your lashes or apply mascara before your strip lashes to keep the natural curve.

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Do hold mirror horizontally below you to make application easier

This is so important! Gone are the days of spending 30 minutes struggling to apply each eyelash! Put a mirror horizontally below you and look down to apply your strip lashes. It will make the application easier as by looking down, you have more eyelid space and can see the top of your lash line and exactly where you need to apply your strip lashes! It’s best to use a compact mirror for this, just because it’s more portable.

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Eni Lashes applying false eyelashes looking down at mirror

Do clean eyelashes after each use

This one goes without saying. Firstly, for hygiene reasons it is important to clean your strip lashes (and natural lashes) after each use, otherwise, the glue on the lash band will build up and it won't look as nice and natural. Secondly, it will help your lashes to last longer which is always a positive!

Now for the eyelash don’ts…

Don’t pull your eyelashes off without a makeup remover Pulling your eyelashes off without a makeup remover can be tough on your eyelid skin, as the skin around your eyes is quite delicate. Also if any eyelash adhesive stuck to your natural eyelashes or if your strip lashes stuck onto your natural eyelashes, you could pull them out – which you don’t want. So using a makeup remover or cleanser is always recommended when removing your eyelashes.

Don’t use an oil-based makeup remover to clean or remove eyelashes Always use a water-based cleanser or water to remove your strip eyelashes. Oil-based cleansers may remove your eyelashes quickly, however as oil and water don’t mix, it will be difficult to remove the oil from the lashes themselves. This can make the lashes less likely to take to eyelash adhesive for the next use. So always make sure you’re using water or a water-based makeup remover to remove and clean your falsies!

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Eni Lashes Sustainable False Eyelash Removal

Don’t sleep with your strip eyelashes on!

Sleeping with false eyelashes on isn’t good for your eyelashes or eyes.

The purpose of our natural eyelashes is to protect our eyes from dirt and dust. False eyelashes may also collect dust and pollen when you’re using them. Throughout the day, your eyelids may become oily, collect dirt and dust from the day. Now a combination of dirt, oils and eyelash adhesive and sleeping on your pillow- it doesn’t sound great!

Now at night, a combination of dirt, oils, eyelash adhesive can be a breeding ground for germs, on top of the weight of the eyelashes on your eyes when your sleeping. It’s best to avoid it. With all the tossing and turning that one does at night, your strip eyelashes may not last as long. It is so important to remove your eyelashes before you go to sleep, even if you really can’t be bothered to take them off.

Finally, do enjoy wearing your lashes!

You’ve taken all the time to apply and look after them properly, enjoy your new look and wear them with confidence!

Do you have any eyelash Dos or Don’ts we didn’t mention? Comment them below and share your tips!